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Codex Amiatinus Fundraising Appeal



In 2014, the museum was lucky enough to loan the only full-sized reproduction of the Codex Amiatinus from Abbadia San Salvatore, in Tuscany.

Following the loan, Bede’s World has been granted permission to commission a second full-sized reproduction for permanent display.

As well as approaching trusts and foundations, we are asking our visitors and supporters to help us raise money towards the purchase of the facsimile and the costs of displaying the book. 

Without you this project won’t be possible. The name of each donor will be recorded in a special book which will be produced to commemorate the arrival of the Codex next year.

2016 will mark the 1300 year anniversary of Ceolfrid setting off on his journey to Rome with the Bible, therefore it is a fitting time for the return of a facsimile. 

To find out more about the history and significance of the Codex Amiatinus, click here.

To find out how to donate and support the project, click here.

Thank you for your support.

 Why Donate:

  • The Codex was produced here at the monasteries of Wearmouth-Jarrow
  • It is the earliest, most accurate copy of a complete Latin Bible
  • Even in its time it was a rare production but now it is unique and one of the most important medieval manuscripts in the world
  • It has been called a 'treasure house' of early Christian thought
  • It is intimately linked to the works of Bede, who had some hand in its production
  • It has been in the Laurentian Library in Florence since the 18th century and difficult for the public to see