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Our farm Gyrwe* (the Old English name for Jarrow) is a great place to discover why farming was so important in daily Anglo-Saxon life.

*Pronounced 'Yeerweh' 

The 11-acre site is home to a collection of rare breed animals, which are the closest possible representatives of the animals that would have been present 1300 years ago.

The crops which we grow in the garden section have also been choosen to represent early varieties of vegetables and herbs, and show the diet that would have been available to our ancestors. Its seasonality is reflected throughout the year. We also grow a selection of herbs that would have been used in the dying of wool to produce clothes.

The farm is complemented by a number of wonderful replica wattle and daub and timber-framed buildings that are based on structures excavated within Anglo-Saxon Northumbria.

herb_garden_3_350_01In addition to the historic value of the farm, it provides a green haven in the middle of Jarrow and is home to a diverse selection of local wildlife and wildflowers.

Whilst out on the farm, make the most of your visit by asking a member of our Farm Team any questions you may have.

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