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Herb Garden

The Herb Garden was designed to show the kind of garden and herbs that the Anglo-Saxon monastery of St Paul and later the medieval monastery were likely to have had.

Designed by Rosemary Cramp and Richard Kilburn in 1978, the first part of the garden draws on the structure of a typical medieval physic garden, with trellis work and a central arch. Here you will find a range of herbs from the Anglo-Saxon age, with a bed of Culinary Herbs and one of Medicinal Herbs situated behind them.

The second part of the garden is based on the 9th century plan for the monastery at St Gall (in modern day Switzerland) and our plants were chosen based on Anglo-Saxon and medieval varieties suitable for our soil and climate.

A team of volunteers maintain the garden and new members are very welcome - we’d love to hear from anyone who would like to get involved. Please click here to contact us for further details.