Video Marketing – Taking the Marketing World by Storm

The simple fact is that people love videos. Just look at the success of YouTube, and there is simply no denying it!

Video marketing is having a huge impact online, on the web, and on mobile browsing. Ignore this fact and risk the chance of getting left behind. Video is a fast and easy way for people to understand your product and /or services – And that’s probably the main word here…easy. The simple fact is we live in a fast-paced world, and people want everything that way – fast! And that is exactly why video marketing is doing so well.

Talking of fast, just how fast video marketing has taken over is quite phenomenal. It only seems like yesterday YouTube was plying its wares to the general public with very few ‘terms & conditions’ standing in the way. But of course, video marketing does not start and end with YouTube.

Some Statistics

The latest stats indicate that adding a video to your homepage can actually increase your conversions by more than eighty percent. Now that’s quite a leap. Another substantial leap is through email marketing. For example, if your email has a video it can actually triple the click-through rate – Just one more stat (just in case you are not convinced yet!), is that more than half of company executives that watch a service or product video are actually likely to go ahead and buy that product or service. Now that’s impressive, right?

Why Does it Work?

According to consumer research, more than eighty percent of consumers will remember a video they saw up to a month ago: More than 90% say videos are helpful when it comes to making a decision about whether they want that product or service or not. The simple fact seems to be, our memory and ability to take in information visually is more effective than the written word or what they hear.

Who Needs it?

Billions are being spent on video marketing every year. When you check out the statistics with regards to its effectiveness, it’s not so hard to understand why companies are investing. Video marketing is all about creating videos specifically for commercial advertising. It can be technical, reviews, benefits, and even tips on how to make that product or service really work for the consumer. Indeed, there are many ways to make a video that will grab the public’s attention and get your message across – Who could ever forget the DHL whiteboard ads, for example? Hugely successful, at the time, they really were a breakthrough in regard to successful video marketing.

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